"Foreas" was founded in 2008 by Mandelos Anastasios and Tsitsa Anthi, following their "Anastasios Mantelos - Anthi Tsitsa and Associates" consultancy office, which has been operating since 1981.

Today, the company counts 10 partners, all of them engineers, holders of professional engineering licenses for public constructions, which cover the whole spectrum of the technical and consulting area, such as building and infrastructure projects, thus the company holds the following engineering licenses:

  • Architectural buildings’ studies (category 6)
  • Special Architectural studies (category 7)
  • Structural Design studies   (category 8)
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic studies (category 9)
  • Transport projects – Traffic studies (category 10)
  • Hydraulic projects (category 13)
  • Topographic Surveys (category 16)
  • Geological, Groundwater and Hydrogeological Studies
  • and Geophysical studies (category 20)
  • Geotechnical studies (category 21)
  • Environmental studies (category 27)

Our offices

The company's offices are expanded in two floors, in a block of flats, at Koumoundourou Street no11 (part of a pedestrian street) in Larissa, within a total area of 230 m2, where, the company's engineers and permanent employees (technical engineers, designers, secretaries and others) and associates are located.